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With SETAM - 25 years experience

SETAM specialises in TAILOR-MADE tours. From the general discovery of specialised interests, from trekking to relaxing beach breaks, our experienced team can design you a tour for couples, families, honeymooners or small groups

The ticketing department is complementary to the services of the tour operators because it is responsible for the sales of airline tickets for our customers. It is accredited by IATA and ATAF.

Why choose us ?

All over Madagascar, SETAM ranks among the first three top travel agencies dealing with English speaking clients. Our company was created in 1996 and has acquired a lot of experiences with regard to providing quality customer service.

Our experience:

Our main concern is to maintain high standards of customer care. We are very strict about the selection of the members of our team. All our staff members are of extraordinary ferocity. Before their assignment to other duties in the same company, (for instance job with promotion prospects) one should work as a tour guide at least for five years, thus travelling throughout the country and subsequently having a first-hand knowledge of the plan of a tour, including the routes and places that the tourists visit.

Our solution:

In our team, we do not work on commission, so all our clients will surely be given impartial advice all the time.

Our experiences, the amount of bookings and inquiries we normally receive and deal with, the existence of SETAM LODGE, all these provide us with a wide range of services, resulting from the work of professional consultants, efficient trainers and skilled technicians.

Our price policy:

We offer special discount for honeymooners, for family children and for third age people.

Care for the customers:

Our commitment to clients’ service is an important and distinguishing characteristic of our company. Our primary goal is sustaining long-term relationships with our clients / partners.

Because of tourism industry in Madagascar is still underway of development and improving the country does not have any infrastructures and equipment that are subject to European Department of Transportation regulations. The transportation standards for the buses and motor coaches are comparatively quite low. 

But we cannot do without these local infrastructures and equipment which are full parts of our products. All these causes that the Madagascar destination is not really a luxurious one; it is mostly adventurous, that is why some may find it appealing with lots of charms. 
Due to the above reasons the insurance applied in transportation (buses, motor coaches as well as water crafts) are set accordingly. However, in spite of these facts we can assure you that SETAM can give a full-fledged organisation and arrangements of your holiday.

Madagascar has its own insurance laws and there is no representative of the big international insurance companies in the country. Nevertheless the insurance company SETAM works with has a good relationship with the well-known SWISSAIR.